Earphunk Takes Off

Earphunk took over Terminal West on Thursday night and delivered a high powered non-stop, booty shaking, earth quaking, sonic boom of a performance.  The five piece progressive funk out of New Orleans mixes deep fonky bass lines
with extra terrestrial synth and guitar work.

Paul Provosty delivers some mind altering guitar licks that sound like other instruments altogether.  Mark Hempe had the crowd begging for more on the catchy Sweet Nasty and especilly Phine.  The two Michaels on the drum/bass break were exceptionally tight.


Mark Hempe

I mentioned to Michael Comeaux (in photo with me from TWest show in the spring, that I felt like their music was acid, space, deep funk – maybe that’s what progressive funk really is.  Michael commented that he did feel and affinity to the acid jazz, late disco(!?) era.  Acid because I could see a kaleidoscope of colors and lights on my eyelids when I closed my eyes.  Space because many of their tunes simply take flight and go into another orbit.  Deep — well that’s kind of the essence of funk — big, bold thumping bass.  As my new friend Tommy said, “that’s baby making music.”

Their new Right Where I Belong dropping in mid-October and I’d encourage everyone to support the music and the musicians we love to continue to bring their groove to the ATL!

Paul Provosty::Guitar
Mark Hempe::Vocals/Guitar/Vox Synth
Christian Gallé::Keys
Michael Comeaux::Bass
Michael Matthews::Drums