Lotus is one of my favorite bands, live and recorded.  Their style is always morphing, although many would classify them as jamtronica, a mix between electronic and jam. Their latest album, Free Swim just out, is an eclectic mix of styles but stays true to the Lotus core.  Lotus alwaysContinue Reading

For FunkCity.net, 2019 was a remarkable year that is recapped here.  I apologize in advance for the self-serving nature but it was definitely a year like no other in my experience based on a combination of personal music achievements and fantastic music events.  It was a huge year for fourContinue Reading

Lotus was the Sunday highlight of Hulaween 2017 as they took their jamtronica to the masses on the Patch stage.  In some ways, the band is a perfect fit for this festival which tends to host jam bands and EDM and Lotus is a nice blend of the two.  TheirContinue Reading