For, 2019 was a remarkable year that is recapped here.  I apologize in advance for the self-serving nature but it was definitely a year like no other in my experience based on a combination of personal music achievements and fantastic music events.  It was a huge year for fourContinue Reading

Color Red Music is a Denver-based label started by Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds. The label produces all original music and includes the upcoming NMS album in September, Matador! Soul Sounds, Analog Son and new bands and combinations of artists. Some of the recent highlights are Freekbass featuring SammiContinue Reading

Just had the most spectacular festival experience and will be writing some expanded coverage over the next couple of weeks but wanted to dash off a note to express thanks to all those involved and just touch on some of the highlights! First, hats off to Paul Levine and hisContinue Reading

This is a new feature where we’ll compile and feature a new Spotify playlist every week comprised of some of our favorite new and old songs and artists and a brief description of the tune and its significance. La Fonda – Lagoons:  Lagoons is a local Atlanta band thatContinue Reading

Recently, our good friends at Inside Out with Turner & Seth did an excellent job on an insightful and delightful interview with Eddie Roberts, one of the leaders of Matador! Soul Sounds (and co founder of The New Mastersounds).  They covered the origins and progress of the band, some history ofContinue Reading

I like everything about this album – from the title Renewable Energy, to the cover art, to the track titles, to the personnel, to the multiple styles of music presented by the tunes, the broad span of skills that New Mastersounds show, and the span of time I hear fromContinue Reading

Always great to see full set vids of the boys from Leeds.  No one does retro funk like The New Mastersouunds.  A nice way to start off the work week.Continue Reading

Since there’s currently no funk category in the Grammys, it’s time to step up with the ‘Funkys’ – FunkCity’s annual awards for funk in and out of Atlanta. Funkiest Album – Snarky Puppy Culcha Vulcha Culcha Vulcha is a continuation in the evolution of Snarky Puppy and a killer album fromContinue Reading

The New Mastersounds are one of my perennial favorites both live and recorded and this year’s The Nashville Session brings the best of both together.  It’s a fresh spin on some old (and new) tunes and that is one that defines their sound which I call retro funk.  The NashvilleContinue Reading

  Nice representation of NMS — one of the best in the business! 1. Way Out West 2. Miracles 3. Sitting on my Knees* 4. Idris (feat. Anders Beck) 5. This Ain’t Work 6. Pure 7. Afro Metropolis* 8. Made For Pleasure 9. In The Middle* 10. Ode to BobbieContinue Reading