Funk, Jazz and Soul Music in ATL and beyond

Contact is dedicated to funk, jazz and soul music and beyond.  It features current shows in Atlanta and other cities I have visited and occasional commentary from musicians and friends.

Friends and family have encouraged me to share my musical journey. I attend 100 to 150 shows a year and see somewhere between 200 and 300 or more sets.  I love all the musicians, bands, fans and venue staff that I meet and love to hear and learn more about great music every day.

You’ll see that I also like to compile lists of things and to hear from others on similar lists based on their own tastes.  The opinions and views on this site are all mine, unless I’ve invited others to volunteer their own shit.  If you like it, come back and visit; if you don’t then don’t. If you want to reach me, fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you in a flash.

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