Music’s Impact On Our Lives


How do you feel when you leave a great concert compared to when you first went in? For me, I know I always feel better, mentally and physically, tired as I may be.  I’m very interested in what music is doing to my mind and body to create such a big effect. Corinne Bailey Rae has developed a wonderful six-episode discussion on how music impacts each of us.  She is so beautiful, spiritual and a wonderful person and musician.  Take some time to listen to each of the episodes with the links below.

Episode 1: What Can Nature Teach Us About Ourselves?

Episode 2: When Should You Trust Your Instincts?

Episode 3: Why It’s Important To Listen To Your Body

Episode 4: What Do Our Dreams Mean?

Episode 5: Can Music Save Lives?

Episode 6: Balancing Our Online and Offline Lives