LiveSnarky Recap: Pittsburgh 5-15-19

Here’s another fine recap authored by expert superfan Vincent Poinsot. We’re trying to catch up on the live show recaps but the Pups are pumping them out at an amazing pace. Stay tuned for more. You can purchase the fully mixed show here – Here’s the set list and lineup from the show followed by Vincent’s track-by-track rundown.

Tarova – The concert begins with a question / answer between Bobby on the organ and Shaun on the talkbox. Unfortunately a mixing problem prevents fully hearing the Shaun part. Maz takes the first solo on effected trumpet (wah and a bit of overdrive). Nate closes the tune with a very short and intense solo.

While We’re Young – Despite some mix issues, there’s a really inspiring Rhodes solo by Justin Stanton and Michael follows him on this travel.

Embossed – Nice drum intro by Jamison. On this version, Chris McQueen has a more melodic approach than usual. One of our expert reviewers says, “the best version of McQueen’s solo on Embossed in my opinion — developed better than the others, for me.” The remainder of the tune closes like the studio recording.

Grown Folks – For the second Culcha Vulcha tune of the night, Bobby takes a really traditional organ solo with a killer sound and as Steven says, “he crushes it.” Shaun closes the tune with a very energetic Moog solo. There’s a short portion of Parliament’s “Flashlight” that also sounds like Pac-Man!

Young Stuff – Here’s an older song but still a pleasure for ears. Chris Bullock begins his solo slowly and the band follows him with a smooth energy. Michael comes with a rare bass solo, as on the album, closing the peace. with Shaun cheering him on.

Bigly Strictness – Bigly Strictness has three solo sections. The first is played on overdriven clavinet by Bobby. Then, Maz comes with a supersaturated trumpet sound. Shaun closes the tune with a very melo moog solo on beautiful chords.

Tio Macaco – Nate and Jamison introduce the song and are joined only by horns until the solo section. Chris improvise on flute, followed by Maz and finally Justin on trumpet.

Xavi – McQueen takes the first solo in a funky way. Then Bobby comes with an effected clavinet sound — two guitar solos, but one guitarist. Michael improvises in 4/4 during the bridge and Justin breaks the outro.

Shofukan – Shofukan comes to close the night with Maz improvising, which is rare on this tune. After a short percu/drums due, the band creates a progressiv/electronic rock ambience. Bobby closes the concert alone with his clavinet.