Inaugural Suwannee Rising Brings Back the Funk!

Just had the most spectacular festival experience and will be writing some expanded coverage over the next couple of weeks but wanted to dash off a note to express thanks to all those involved and just touch on some of the highlights!

First, hats off to Paul Levine and his crew for pulling off a monstrous feat in just two months time. The festival appeared to go off without the slightest hitch – who knows how much effort it took and what might have happened behind the scenes. The SOSMP crew was top notch hospitable as always.

OMFG the musicians – what a tremendous line up for anyone who every was at Bear Creek! Just two stages but not stop, back to back to back. You could see as much music as you could ever want and it was fonky as it could get. was on point front and center for many of the highlights and we’ll have the following rolling out over the next couple of weeks.

  1. LPT partial set
  2. The Fritz full set
  3. Electric Kif full set
  4. The New Orleans Suspects full set
  5. The New Mastersounds 2x full set
  6. Ghost Note 1 partial, 1 full set
  7. Lettuce 1 partial, 1 full set

Here’s the opening few tunes from the Lettuce Friday night set in the Amphitheater –

Lettuce, Suwannee Rising, Amphitheater Stage, 04-05-2019