Weekly Playlist 7-29-18

This is a new feature where we’ll compile and feature a new Spotify playlist every week comprised of some of our favorite new and old songs and artists and a brief description of the tune and its significance.

  1. La Fonda – Lagoons:  Lagoons is a local Atlanta band that held its album release party for “Between the Middle” at Aisle 5 on Friday, July 27th.  I had the chance to listen to the album on the way down to the show and then hear much of it live.  The band slayed the crowd with its high energy and wonderful vibe.  La Fonda is a catchy bossa-nova tinged funk tune that is one of my instant favorites.
  2. Yocacoka – The New Mastersounds: NMS is a perennial favorite of ours and this tune is off their newest album is an instant classic.  You can find our review of the album here and video from their recent Atlanta show here.  Also, Eddie Roberts, one of the group’s cofounders was featured on an podcast Inside Out with Turner & Seth here.
  3. Free – Marcus Miller featuring Corinne Bailey Rae:  Both Marcus and Corinne are favorites of ours and when they got together to put out a cover of Free by Deniece Williams it was pure honey.  Of course Corinne also sat in with NMS for the tune Your Love is Mine which is sure to appear on a future playlist
  4. The Good Man Delivered and the Best is Blessed – Snarky Puppy:  Of course a tune by the Pups would be on the inaugural playlist but it’s not an obvious choice.  This hidden gem off the Tell Your Friends album is one that even many diehard fans may not know as it’s not often played live.  Listen, enjoy and tell your friends!
  5. Adryllanin – Progger:  Progger is the brainchild of Brian Donohoe who also appeared on some of the early Snarky Puppy albums.  His influence on them and vice versa is very clear and this tune is a great representative of his terrific album Dystopia.  It’s super funky and this band is one that is definitely on the list to see every time they come to town.  You can catch their recent Atlanta show in full here.
  6. Sabi – Orgone: This instrumental tune off their Beyond the Sun album gets me every time.  It’s nonstop hard-driving in your face funk.  The whole album is great and features Adryon de León on vocals – we can’t wait until their fall tour takes them to Atlanta hopefully.
  7. French Fur Traders – Maggie Koerner:  Maggie is a beautiful singer with a huge mellifluous.  We will be seeing her this weekend at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur this Saturday.  This tune is a homage to Maggie’s heritage as her ancestors migrated to Louisiana from Canada.
  8. Casual Mistakes – The Fritz: These guys just tore the roof off of Aisle 5 with their Michael Jackson/Prince mashup set.  The place was hot and the whole crew danced their asses off.  Can’t wait for their new album in the fall which they just cut this week with Chris Bullock and Justin Stanton from Snarky Puppy and Natalie Cressman from Trey band on horns!
  9. Mr. Diva – Kaleta and Super Yamba Band:  This show is coming up Thursday night at Aisle 5 and can’t wait to hear the Afrobeat tunes of this super combo.  The show will also feature Atlanta’s own Lightning Orchestra and Wolfpack ATL.
  10. Dolla Diva – Galactic featuring David Shaw and Maggie Koerner:  Seemed appropriate given title of previous song and also featuring Maggie :).  Galactic will be bringing their heat to Atlanta in a few weeks with Trombone Shorty’s Voodoo Threauxdown.
  11. Friends and Strangers – Ronnie Laws:  Quite simply, this tune is one of our ALL TIME FAVORITE JAMS.  It turned on the light for funky, spacey, trance-like sax playing and ignited Ronnie’s career.  Sorry I had to miss his last ATL appearance but I won’t miss the next.  Listen and launch yourself into the stratosphere.
  12. Knock Yourself Out (Live) – Tower of Power:  This tune is a MASTERPIECE from the MASTERS OF FUNK AND SOUL.  It’s a classic tune with a their classic lineup and at the time it came out it took the whole damn side of the album at 23 minutes length.  Of particular note is possibly the greatest live sax solo ever by Lenny Pickett – he’s doing stuff here that sounds impossible for one player.  That’s immediately followed by one of the greatest keyboard solos by Chester Thompson – he takes the listener up and down so many times, roller coaster designers listen to this for guidance.  CT’s a master of the B3 so enjoy the ride!