No offense, but the funk scene these days leaves much to be desired. Many of the acts that are out there now rely heavily on uninspired tributes and bland grooves that may showcase plenty of technique but lack any kind of soul. Sure, it may be fun to dance to when you’re high, but it doesn’t get under your skin and leave a last impression. Luckily there are still acts like The New Mastersounds out there cranking out the good stuff with their own brand of strikingly original funk music. Now the band’s guitarist, Eddie Roberts, has embarked on another project that may be just as exciting but is entirely different than his main band. Click below to see rest of article from Glide Magazine –

Source: Matador! Soul Sounds Brings Members of New Mastersounds, Soulive, Pimps of Joytime and Orgone Together For Unique Jazz-Funk Sound on “The State of Affairs” (SONG PREMIERE/INTERVIEW) | Glide Magazine