Snarky Puppy Live @ GroundUP Music Festival, Night 2, 2-10-18

True to their heritage, Snarky Puppy brought a different lineup, sound and clever set list to the second night of the GroundUP Music Festival on Saturday night.  Bringing Zach Brock (violin) and Bill Laurance (keys) in together nearly guarantees that one or more of Bill’s classic tunes would be played and this time was no different with a splendid rendition of Ready Wednesday.

The set was also notable for its excellent highlighting of players solos, in particular, as noted with the set list below:

Set list:

  1. Flood featuring Nate percussion break
  2. GØ – Maz and Bill stretch out
  3. Beep Box – Bob goes extra greasy
  4. Ready Wednesday – Bill keeps the crowd in awe, Bullock rocks the synth sax
  5. Lingus – Zach goes from 0-100 mph in this set highlight and closer

Snarky Puppy Lineup (Saturday):

  • Michael League, Bass
  • Chris McQueen, Guitar
  • Bill Laurance, Keys
  • Zach Brock, Violin
  • Justin Stanton, Keys & Trumpet
  • Chris Bullock, sax and flute
  • Mike “Maz” Maher, trumpet
  • Jay Jennings, trumpet
  • Bob Reynolds, sax
  • Nate Werth, percussion
  • Jamison Ross, drums

See and hear the full 2nd night set here – Snarky Puppy 2nd Night @ GroundUP Music Festival 2/10/18