See Lettuce Scorch and Torch Hulaween 2017 in Two Set Openers

There is likely no more iconic group for Spirt of Suwanee Music Park as Lettuce and there’s no better timeslot or stage for their interstellar funk than midnight on the Amphitheater stage.  And so it was for Hulaween 2017 the flagship set where Lettuce torched the festival with one of their alltime spaciest, spookiest, funkiest low down and nasty sets.  You can catch the Mt. Crushmore opener from the second set at on YouTube with the link.

Of course, the pre-party opening set scorched the stage as well.  They kicked off with a New Intro and rolled right into Blaze.  During the middle of the set, they even brought in some of Jean Pierre a tune from Witches Stew, their Miles Davis cover disc in mid-song.

Thursday 10/26/17

  1. New Intro
  2. Blaze
  3. Prince SMNZ
  4. Gang Ten
  5. Ready To Live
  6. The Force
  7. Squadlive
  8. Sounds Like A Party To Me
  9. Madison Square

Friday 10/27/17

  1. Mt. Crushmore
  2. Blast Off
  3. Phyllis
  4. House U
  5. Chief It Up
  6. Rule The World
  7. Let It GOGO
  8. Trap