Ajeva Evolve – Album of the Week 10/31/16

The biggimg_2409est musical surprise for me at Hulaween this past weekend was Ajeva (a-jay-vuh) and therefore they merit Album of the Week.  I was approached by chance by Reed Skahill (lead vox/guitar/keys) walking around Spirit Lake and we naturally started talking about music.  When I mentioned groups that I appreciate, Reed gave me sticker and mentioned that I should check them out on Friday night.  They performed a kickass set (shown in the picture) which was a mix of funk, jazz and progressive rock — all rolled into prog funk according to their website.   One of their finest, most fun, albeit not original moments was a medley of Mission Impossible-Star Wars-Zelda-Indiana Jones etc. which got the crowd well pumped.

According to their website, the group “is a progressive funk powerhouse from St. Petersburg, FL and  has been playing all over Florida and the SouthEast since March 2013 spreading their message of unity, peace and FUNK! With catchy vocals, infectious grooves, and a high energy live show Ajeva has the sound & vibe that will keep you watching and listening.”  The rest of the band is comprised of  Taylor Gilchrist (bass), Dean Arscott (percussion/keys/guitar/band artist), Travis Young (drums), Mark Mayea (lead keys), and Skyler Golden (lead guitar).

This album is comprised of 11 juicy tracks with the last 6 heavily supplemented by sax, violin, vox, trombone and trumpet making it ear candy for all funkateers.  Give a listen and enjoy.


For You


Off The Mountain

The Rise

Do Not Command

Hometeam Jam


Groove Mountain


Floating Molecules