Big Sam’s Funky Nation Wants You (To Help)

Big Sam Williams is a force of nature and an instant party wherever he goes.  I had the pleasure of seeing him twice in the last 6 months at Terminal West most recently on September 24.  In a word, he is a showman – talented trombone player, funky singer, energetic dancer and charismatic personality all in one. His shows are continuous kinetic energy and he always gets the crowd up, especially for one of his signature songs, Shake That Funky Donkey.

On October 13th, 2016 Big Sam’s Funky Nation’s West Coast tour hit a snag after thieves broke into their van and stole several instruments. Big Sam’s trombone is unique with its bent upward bell (a la Dizzy Gillespie) and its fleur-de-lis in the slide.

Now they need our help in keeping the funk flowing and getting new instruments.  You can contribute here: