Porch 40

What’s this? A new band at an olde bar?  On a somewhat slow night in ATL, I hit Smith’s Olde Bar to see  Porch 40 who I’d never heard of. Checked out on YouTube below and was intrigued by their funky rock sound highlighted by a pairing of sax and violin.

Watch and listen to Nice Words

Well, for the not quite packed crowd, a terrific crazy show ensued.  It reminded me of the first time I saw The Revivalists in that it was a mix of fun vocals, great interaction with the crowd, high energy and excellent musicians playing off one another.  I particularly enjoyed the sax-violin solos and interplay and would definitely see them again when I can.

Here’s a snippet of the crowd last night — 

The Orange Constant who have a solid and tight repertoire opened in what they call a “contemporary yet vintage rock/jam sound.”  They were solid and tight and definitely enjoyed their set.