Dank – Definitely High Quality

Had the pleasure of seeing Dank perform at Smith’s Olde Bar last night and the band took me and the rest of the crowd on an aural orbit that kept the beat pumping and the heartbeats thumping.

dank-2 dank-3

Overall set was great interspersed with Dank tunes and then accompanied by Zale on lead vocals (covered in a separate post).  Dank has some very catchy vibes on their own but coupled with Zale there was definitely an explosive energy. In addition, solos by Matt and Josh were both program highlights for me.

Not sure at this point exactly how to classify Dank’s music and performance.  All I can say is that it took me to a place that I want to return to very soon

Check out Dank here: http://crankthedank.com/

Members: Eddie Speaker, down low;  Jimmy Bones, axe; Matt Henderson; keys;  Josh Birmingham; skins

Special guest: Zale, lead vocals

All photos courtesy of Mike Gregory