This was a wonderful show at a wonderful venue! Red Rocks is an open-air amphitheater built into a giant rock structure in Colorado, with seating for over 9,500 people.  The sound, the views, the opportunity to engage with thousands of spectators…no wonder Michael League says that it’s his favorite venue. Continue Reading

After playing in Las Vegas, Snarky Puppy marched on to Salt Lake City for the first time ever. Just like the previous concert, this set draws from nearly ten years’ worth of material. Although the Commonwealth Room is a medium-sized venue (to the tune of 600 people), the crowd roarsContinue Reading

Las Vegas…where casinos, fine dining, nightclubs, and amazing live music coexist harmoniously. In other words, an ideal place for a Snarky Puppy show. At the Brooklyn Bowl, Michael League mentions that this is their first-ever show in Las Vegas (and probably not their last). As a result, the setlist drawsContinue Reading

 This is a remarkable show for two reasons. First, all five Snarky Puppy horn players are present and accounted for: Chris, Maz, Justin, Jay, and Bob! This intensifies the horn line’s sound, especially on tunes like “Embossed,” “Bad Kids to the Back,” and “Tio Macaco.” Second, four special guests appear.Continue Reading

 This concert is entertaining not only because of the music, but also the banter! Michael League makes some references to the hit TV series Game of Thrones throughout the night (which was being broadcast nationwide at the same time as this concert), and the keyboardists get caught up in someContinue Reading

As a new contributor to, I eagerly look forward to writing reviews of Snarky Puppy concerts from 2019.  I plan to release reviews on the 2-year anniversary of the show I’m writing about.  We’ll kick things off with the final show of the Pacific leg of the Immigrance tour. Continue Reading