This was one amazing show. Not only was the setlist outstanding but the overall energy seemed much higher than usual. The two saxophone players, Bob Reynolds and Chris Bullock played some truly epic solos in this show so other saxophone players should love this show. The pups played at theContinue Reading

This was a very special show at the incredible Kauffman Center for Performing Arts that showcased a more restrained and mature side to the band, but it was also extremely funky which made the longer build-ups all the more worthwhile. Mark Lettieri in particular was on fire this show andContinue Reading

Another open-air, amphitheater show for the pup’s in a row! This time, the pups headed north to Bellvue near Fort Collins, 90 miles away from the previous show in Morrison to the Mishawaka Amphitheater. Unlike Red Rocks, this stage was quite small and a little cramped. The horns for instanceContinue Reading

After completing the West Coast leg and two shows in the mountain west region of the US, the Pup’s continued further north to the tiny city of Jackson Hole with a population of less than 10,000. Jackson Hole is surrounded by the very elegant Teton County Mountains where I believeContinue Reading

After another three days off, the pups began the West Coast leg of the Immigrance tour. The first show was in Seattle, Washington, but this sadly didn’t get recorded. They then made their way south and down the coast to Portland Oregon for a packed show at the Roseland Theater;Continue Reading

St. Paul, Minnesota! This was McQueen’s last show with the pups before Mark joined the crew in Washington. The Palace was quite a challenging room for the pup’s sound crew acoustically speaking. In particular, the bass was pretty boomy and the drums didn’t quite have the definition like usual, butContinue Reading

This was a really fun show with many amazing twists along the way. This recording features some amazing playing from Justin, Mike and Jamison in particular. The recording sounds very clean for what was probably a challenging room acoustically; the Orpheum in an old theatre with not much sound deadeningContinue Reading

After a nice 3 day break, Snarky Puppy returned to the stage in Maz’s hometown, Milwaukee. The historic Pabst Theater plays host. Apparently it’s the 4th oldest music venue in the United States; a nice bit of history there. This show would probably end up in a top 10 listContinue Reading

Following on from Indianapolis, Snarky Puppy arrived in Chicago to play a sold-out show at the quaint Riviera theatre. The Riviera was built over 100 years ago and originally started out as a movie theatre, so it has had to be adapted to suit live music. That being said, thisContinue Reading

Continuing on from the last recap, the following evening, May the 17th saw Snarky Puppy play the Vogue. The Vogue was one of the smaller venues the pups played during the Immigrance tour. The nightclub has wonderfully tuned acoustics and this particular Live Snarky album has one of the cleanestContinue Reading