New Podcast: House of Waters

House of Waters is a band you may not have heard of but they play some of the most beautiful music you’ll ever hear. This band bounces between jazz, funk, world, Irish, Indian, African and even classical music at times and their music well deserves its own genre. (That happens to be one of the topics discussed in this interview.

We chatted with the “power” trio of Max ZT (hammered dulcimer), Moto Fukushima (6 string bass) and Ignacio Rivas Bixio (drums) before their opening session with Snarky Puppy at The Tabernacle in Atlanta on September 20.

The far ranging discussion included the founding of the band, origins and elements of their newest album “Rising”, keys to great improvisation and influences of music and audiences from around the globe. Have a listen to the podcast here – House of Waters podcast.

We had the opportunity to see this eclectic group three times during their summer tour and were fortunate to capture their September set from Birmingham, Alabama here as well.

House of Waters