Tank and the Bangas – Quick Take

Tank and the Bangas hit the Variety Playhouse on 5-18-18 in Atlanta and the witnesses will never be he same.  Hit is the operative word because this act kills it on every level.  First and foremost, the music is great – Tank is one of the most energetic, personable performers you’ll see anywhere.  She ranges from rap, hip hop, and soul to beautiful poetic ballads.  Her connection with the Bangas and the audience is real and can be felt throughout the show.  Each Banga member is extremely talented and their show is a nonstop whirlwind of frenetic energy.

The crowd is super pumped throughout the show and you can see how wild it gets during the video posted here and on YouTube FunkCity.net of the finale.  The singalong portions of the show bring out the funk animal in everybody.  For the finale, they brought out the opening act, Sweet Crude which puts on a great show by themselves as well.  They are reminiscent of Beausoleil avec Michael Doucet in that they bring that cajun/creole style to their music but more up to date and also bring to mind another favorite Rubblebucket.

All in all, it was one powerful night from end to end and add Tank and the Bangas to the list of acts you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!