Bands That Haven’t Been to ATL in Last Year But Need to Represent (October Update)

Now that super funky Brass-A-Holics have been here, it’s time for a new wish list for bands I want to see in my hometown

  1. Vulfpeck: super funky foursome out of U Mich, have played several festivals but have never, as far as I know, hit ATL. Their album Thrill of the Arts has been in rotation for me most of the year. The band’s next album, titled The Beautiful Game, is set for release tomorrow!
  2. Orgone: Last seen at Terminal West in May, 2015, their Beyond the Sun hasn’t come out of my car playlist since.
  3. The Budos Band: This band is like a unicorn, never seen, since they only seem to tour during school holidays or weekends.  Last seen in Athens at the Georgia Theatre in 2012 and at the Earl ATL in 2011, their fourth album Burnt Offering built a new genre of metal funk.
  4. Fort Knox Five: I only know them from their albums, including their latest release Pressurize The Cabin (2015) which was just recently remixed and reissued.  Check out Pressurize the Cabin as Album of the Week. Wikipedia says this “Fort Knox Five is a Washington DC  based musical group consisting of Steve Raskin, Jon Horvath, Rob Myers and Sid Barcelona. Their music style mixes elements of funk, reggae, hip hop and electronica.
  5. Gooseneck:  Here’s what this group says on their own website “Do you love horn bands with funky songs and tight vocals?  Gooseneck draws on influences ranging from the melodic sensibilities of Stevie Wonder to the harmonic richness of Steely Dan and the hot horn arrangements of Tower of Power. Gooseneck is fronted by T.J. Wilkins from The Voice, and backed by some of the most in-demand musicians in L.A. Brought together by a shared love of old school funk, soul and R&B, they formed Gooseneck to write and record the kind of songs that inspired them to pick up instruments in the first place. You can download their album Wild Goose Chase for free off their website!
  6. Toubab Krewe: Not exactly a funk group — more in the world music genre — but specializing in afro beats and rhythyms, TK always plays some uplifting and intricate melodies.  Especially interesting is Justin Perkins as a featured performer on Kora, Kamelngoni.  Last seen at Terminal West on Valentines Day, 2014.
  7. Jungle: Where have they been?  This UK based group was one of the top shows at Terminal West in 2014 and have been around the world several times since, selling out at festivals all over Europe.  And based on one album — but oh, what an album.  Perhaps the only group on this list that my whole family loves and would go see when they come back.
  8. Tea Leaf Green: TLG went on hiatus after several stops in ATL and more recently announced the departure of phenomenal bassist, Reed Mathis.  Nevertheless, they’ve recently started touring again and looking forward to seeing their newest incarnation.
  9. Tower of Power: TOP is the band that many current funk bands listen to, emulate and admire.  Simply put, they are considered by many including myself, to be the greatest horn band of all time.  Lettuce, Snarky Puppy, Gooseneck, all pay tribute to the kings of funky, soul music.  Just last week, at the Lettuce show, the Shady Horns interjected a 2 bar riff from TOP into one of their tunes. They’ve always gone through a string of lead singers but that TOP sound always shines through.
  10. Lowrider Band: Make no mistake, this band is WAR! That’s right four of the five living legends of the incredible L.A. funk band War are in the Lowrider Band.  The band traveling around as War – coming to Variety Playhouse soon – is a de facto cover band with one original.  Lowrider Band has the incredible Lee Oskar on harmonica, Harold Brown, BB Dickerson and Howard Scott and plays the genuine sound including Slippin’ into Darkness, Low Rider (of course), All Day Music, Cisco Kid and many, many more.

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  1. Jungleeeeeeee, good question ,where HAVE they been?

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