As if Snarky Puppy’s roster wasn’t stacked enough, they found two other musicians to join them for the show at Batschkapp.  Who were they? Some relatively up-and-coming musicians by the names of Chris Potter and Eric Harland….   PSYCH! Chris and Eric are undoubtedly two of jazz’s living legends.  Chris PotterContinue Reading

By November 22, 2019, Snarky Puppy had been touring in support of their album Immigrance for seven months.  Being the masterful bandleader that he is, Michael League reintroduced some older Snarky Puppy tracks into their live repertoire, including “Intelligent Design” which is featured in this show.  Over two thousand fansContinue Reading

After a dynamic performance in Nantes, Snarky Puppy moved on to Toulouse for another  great show at Le Zenith.  This show contains lots of great tunes from the SP repertoire: there are oldies like “Intelligent Design” and “Flood” grouped with newer tunes such as “Bigly Strictness” and “Chonks.” Becca StevensContinue Reading

France…home of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Tour de France, and some of the most ardent Snarky Puppy fans ever! After seven intense months of touring, the boys traveled to France to begin the final twelve shows of the Immigrance tour.  They would also make stops in Luxembourg, Switzerland, andContinue Reading

How do you follow up a magnificent, career-defining, Grammy-winning concert at the Royal Albert Hall? If your band is like most other bands, you’d go and take a couple of days off, maybe go sightseeing in London and hit up some English pubs.  True to form (and not to restContinue Reading

Here we go, friends…the last month of the Immigrance tour! Diehard Snarky Puppy fans know that the band’s album We Like It Here was recorded in Utrecht, so the Netherlands hold a special place in our hearts.  The Dutch fans came out in droves to the venue Tivoli Vredenburg forContinue Reading

After listening to several recordings of international Snarky Puppy concerts, I’ve noticed that European fans give Snarky Puppy an equal mix of focus and enthusiasm.  They’re not rowdy, nor are they tuned out.  They give the entire band their undivided attention and applaud at the right times, which helps feedContinue Reading

Snarky Puppy is my favorite band and for me the most innovative and unique sounding over the last 25 years.  I got hip to them ‘late’, back in 2013 when they were already barnstorming around the U.S.  I had a chance to see them at Bear Creek Music and ArtsContinue Reading

This show took place at the beautiful Hill Auditorium at the University of Michigan. This particular room is very lively and more suited towards hosting acoustic and orchestral performances; however, this mix sounds great, and the band is still as high energy as ever. This show features mostly new musicContinue Reading

Sixteen years ago – at the time of the Immigrance tour in 2019 – Michael League and his friends founded Snarky Puppy at the University of North Texas.  On October 5, 2019, the Pups ended the final North American leg of the Immigrance tour at the Bomb Factory in Dallas,Continue Reading