The Fearless Flyers are kind of a super-group featuring Joe Dart and Cory Wong from Vulfpeck, Mark Lettieri from Snarky Puppy and Nate Smith (Nate Smith, Chris Potter ). Tailwinds is their first full length album following its two EPS, Fearless Flyers I and II. Although the band is anContinue Reading

Bill Laurance is a longstanding member of Snarky Puppy, and one of the original keys players.  Often identified by fans for his sensual and sensitive playing, he also provides some of the band’s most amazing keys solos. In addition, he an accomplished song writer having penned some of the groupsContinue Reading

This album is a great finale to the Immigrance 2019 tour in much the same way North Sea was in 2018 for the 2-year Culcha Vulcha tour. The production values are stellar with extra clear engineering nearly on par with studio album. The audience sound is notable in that itContinue Reading

For, 2019 was a remarkable year that is recapped here.  I apologize in advance for the self-serving nature but it was definitely a year like no other in my experience based on a combination of personal music achievements and fantastic music events.  It was a huge year for fourContinue Reading

Many thanks to Matt Recchia, Snarky Puppy Sound Engineer for providing the overall tour stats and for making this full writeup possible. Snarky Puppy, the three-time Grammy winning, funk-jazz-world-instrumental ensemble just wrapped their 123 date world tour in support of their excellent 2019 release Immigrance. The tour spanned four continents,Continue Reading

Had the great privilege of chatting with Snarky Puppy’s horn section prior to their September 20th performance at the Tabernacle Atlanta. I was fortunate to have with me Rob Turner of Inside Out with Turner and Seth and Osiris Media to co-host with me and carry me along. We chattedContinue Reading

Here’s another fine recap authored by expert superfan Vincent Poinsot. We’re trying to catch up on the live show recaps but the Pups are pumping them out at an amazing pace. Stay tuned for more. You can purchase the fully mixed show here – Here’s the set list andContinue Reading

This recap of this show from the House of Blues is primarily authored by Vincent Poinsot, an expert superfan. The set list and lineup are shown below. Even Us – Embossed is becoming a nice set opener especially in smaller, enclosed venues. The first part is played as on theContinue Reading

This was Snarky Puppy’s first ever visit to Portsmouth and the crowd was enthusiastic at the start and immediately quieted down for the opener Even Us. The show had a balance of four songs from Immigrance and four classics. You can buy the full recording here – Portsmouth Live Snarky.Continue Reading

Osaka was the first stop on the world tour, the band’s first time here, and the first time the band played new Immigrance songs live since the release of the album less than one month earlier and the GroundUP Music Festival live debut in February. It was an enthusiastic crowdContinue Reading