This album is a great finale to the Immigrance 2019 tour in much the same way North Sea was in 2018 for the 2-year Culcha Vulcha tour. The production values are stellar with extra clear engineering nearly on par with studio album. The audience sound is notable in that itContinue Reading

For, 2019 was a remarkable year that is recapped here.  I apologize in advance for the self-serving nature but it was definitely a year like no other in my experience based on a combination of personal music achievements and fantastic music events.  It was a huge year for fourContinue Reading

Many thanks to Matt Recchia, Snarky Puppy Sound Engineer for providing the overall tour stats and for making this full writeup possible. Snarky Puppy, the three-time Grammy winning, funk-jazz-world-instrumental ensemble just wrapped their 123 date world tour in support of their excellent 2019 release Immigrance. The tour spanned four continents,Continue Reading

Snarky Puppy is perhaps the world’s finest instrumental jazz-funk-world music band. From 2014-2017 they earned three Grammy awards most recently Best Contemporary Instrumental album for Culcha Vulcha. Calling them a band rather than an ensemble or even a musical phenomenon is debatable since they never play their songs the sameContinue Reading

This is the first, hopefully of many, of fan recaps and reviews covering Snarky Puppy’s Immigrance world tour. Many thanks to Tai Suzuki, a fan and friend I met at the GroundUP Music Festival 2017 who provided this entire recap. He really did a great job and hope you enjoyContinue Reading

Snarky Puppy‘s latest album Immigrance drops on March 15, a full three years after their Culcha Vulcha album which won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Instrumental. This is an early pre-review of the album which I had a unique opportunity to compile based on hearing each of the 8 tunesContinue Reading