Funk, Jazz and Soul Music in ATL and beyond


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  1. GREAT review! THANK you! But here’s a few corrections. The keyboards on this LP were played by Andy Fairclough; who is incredible. Drums were by me, Jason Baldock (on We Gave Up Too Soon, Mo’ Crunch, All In & Look No Further), the brilliant Cath Evans (Abuja Sunrise & Time To Slow It Down), Tristan Butler (Funky Amigo) and the great Neil Robinson on all the others. It’s a guitar playing the solo on We Gave Up Too Soon, not a synth, though it really does sound very synthy, due to the phaser. 🙂
    I recorded & mixed seven of the songs, so that’s how I know who did what. I think it’s a BRILLIANT LP, and it was a lot of fun working with such fantastic musicians, all of whom also happen to be lovely people. It was the 2nd LP that I’ve done with Leigh (Speedometers’ leader), as he was also the main man on the incredible Ray Lopez & The Juniors LP “We’ve Got Latin Soul”, which a lot of the same musicians played on. Matt Hodges WAS the keyboard player on that LP. It’s a revolving door family of musicians on these records. 🙂

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