Providence was the band’s first stop on the U.S. tour and the first time back here in 13 years. It was also the first time Coven and While We’re Young were on a live recording set list. You can buy the full recording here at Providence LiveSnarky. Before giving theContinue Reading

Kawasaki had the same lineup as Osaka as expected and it was the first time the band played here. Notably five of the eight tunes were from the new Immigrance album. The show was attended live and reviewed for by Tai Suzuki right at this link – Kawasaki liveContinue Reading

Color Red Music is a Denver-based label started by Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds. The label produces all original music and includes the upcoming NMS album in September, Matador! Soul Sounds, Analog Son and new bands and combinations of artists. Some of the recent highlights are Freekbass featuring SammiContinue Reading

Osaka was the first stop on the world tour, the band’s first time here, and the first time the band played new Immigrance songs live since the release of the album less than one month earlier and the GroundUP Music Festival live debut in February. It was an enthusiastic crowdContinue Reading

Snarky Puppy is perhaps the world’s finest instrumental jazz-funk-world music band. From 2014-2017 they earned three Grammy awards most recently Best Contemporary Instrumental album for Culcha Vulcha. Calling them a band rather than an ensemble or even a musical phenomenon is debatable since they never play their songs the sameContinue Reading

Snarky Puppy released their Grammy-winning album Culcha Vulcha in April 2016 and then spent the better part of two years touring the world in support of that album. During that time, the band recorded approximately 64 of those shows and made them available to fans to purchase and I haveContinue Reading

Elevate is one of those albums that hits you hard and you instantly like from the first note, first song to the end, on first listen. But then again, if you’re an avid Lettuce fan (like me), you’ve heard nearly all of the songs before as several have been playedContinue Reading

I recently had the change to preview Jordan John’s (Jordan John on Facebook) sophomore album “Funk Parade.”  You can catch Funk Parade on Spotify here. Jordan is a solid soul, R&B and funk lead vocal sensation as well as multi-instrumentalist based in Toronto, Canada.  On this album he takes leadContinue Reading

Recently had the opportunity to preview The Shu Shu’s debut Soul Slap released just this week. It’s currently available on Bandcamp here. As the narrative in their initial video “Grease the Chain” says, the group “take you back to the 60s with their authentic organ trio combo sound. Inspired byContinue Reading

This is the first, hopefully of many, of fan recaps and reviews covering Snarky Puppy’s Immigrance world tour. Many thanks to Tai Suzuki, a fan and friend I met at the GroundUP Music Festival 2017 who provided this entire recap. He really did a great job and hope you enjoyContinue Reading