This week’s playlist is a mix of highlights from shows from the past week or upcoming week.  We hit some classic funk and favorite artists and bands may no longer be around..

Big Ole Booty – Big Sam’s Funky Nation – King of the Party
Big Sam Williams is a high powered, high energy NOLA trombonist, singer and all around entertainer.  This tune kicks off the week on the right note.  We captured the excitement of his show this past Friday at Venkman’s right here – Big Sam’s Funk Nation Live

Hard Hat Era – Jojo Mayer & Nerve – Ghosts of Tomorrow
Jojo Mayer and Nerve put on one of the most electrifying, jaw-dropping shows of the year at Aisle 5 this past Thursday.  The show is essentially live electronic music which kicks off frenetic energy and keeps the crowd moving all night.  Jojo is recognized as one of the greatest drummers of all time and we caught the whole show live here – Jojo Mayer & Nerve at Aisle 5.

You Never Know – Live – Ramsey Lewis – Live at the Savoy
Ramsey Lewis is an all time favorite jazz pianist and has had a career spanning more than 50 years.  This live album from 1981 largely flew under the radar but had some great special guests and was a burner from start to finish.

Electric Taco Stand – Spafford – Spafford
Spafford is one of the hottest new jam bands around and this tune off their eponymous debut album is one of their most popular.  They will be headlining the Big Bang Block Party at Teminal West on Saturday which is one of our favorite events of the year.

Groove Mountain – Ajeva – Evolve
Ajeva is an under the radar progressive funk band out of St. Petersburg, FL and they have a great repertoire and an array of songs stylistically from funk, metal, ska/reggae and straight jams.  First caught them at Hulaween 2016, then was able to hook up with them and capture their whole show this past Saturday in ATL – Ajeva Live.  Looking forward to catching them again at  Hulaween next month.
Shake Ya Boogie – Mocean Worker – Cinco de Mowo!
Mocean Worker is just flat out smart when it comes to slick arranging of electronic music and live recording.  This tune features Steve Bernstein from Sex Mob on trumpet.

Ready Wednesday – Live – Bill Laurance – Live at Union Chapel
This tune is from Bill’s live album in London’s Union Chapel which also happens to be his home town.  Performing with Bill on this are Michael League (Snarky Puppy), Robert “Sput” Searight (Snarky Puppy, Ghost-Note) and Felix Higginbottom.  The tune Ready Wednesday, written by Bill appears on Snarky Puppy’s 2010 Tell Your Friends album and is always a live favorite.  Bill’s classical roots always shine through as he has the audience mesmerized throughout.  Bill will be performing live solo in NYC at Le Poisson Rouge on Friday September 28.

Once You Get Started – Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan – Rufusized
Chaka Khan before going solo was jet fuel with Rufus.  This song is a classic and always a reminder of how dynamic and powerful Chaka’s voice was.

Kenedougou Foly – Anat Cohen Tentet – Happy Song
Anat Cohen is widely renowned as one of the greatest living jazz clarinetists and this tune swings and puts us in the right mood — always.

Never Make A Move Too Soon – BB King & The Crusaders – Live
How could you go wrong with BB King AND The Crusaders and by the way the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to boot.  This live recording of BB’s classic tune is even better live with such grand accompaniment.

Fight or Flight – Bob Reynolds – Hindsight
Bob is one of our favorite saxophonists of today.  It’s always a pleasure to hear his live recordings and this one sounds like an epic road song with it’s dueling and soaring piano and sax lines.

Game Winner – Vulfpeck – Thrill of the Arts
Vulfpeck is arguably the hottest pop-funk band on the festival circuit today.  They went from nowhere to headlining festivals within a couple of years and will be near the top of the bill at Hulaween 2018 next month.  This catchy tune is every guy’s dream – hit the game winning shot (dream on)!
Saura – Earphunk – Sweet Nasty
What can we say about Earphunk other than we miss you guys.  It was about 2 years ago that the band unceremoniously disbanded right in mid-tour.  They were on the verge of breaking through as one of our top bands and this tune always is a pleasure to hear.  A nice way to close out the set.  Hopefully we’ll see these guys return in another configuration sometime.